Take a couple minutes for yourself
and recharge your batteries

Stretch with some quick, easy chair yoga or rejuvenate with a 5-minute meditation. All levels welcome.

About the instructor

Elizabeth Gorrie teaches yoga in a style which encourages and enables students to come and practice as they are, welcoming their full selves. Her teaching style aims to be inclusive and accessible to varying levels of experience and ability. She supports students to develop a sustainable and intentional practice by offering alignment-based cues and variations, moments to explore curiosities and playfulness, and encouraging and holding space for rest. Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for 10 years and completed her 200 hr teacher training program in 2019. She is based in Philadelphia, PA in the United States. 

Yoga videos

5-minute chair yoga

7-minute chair yoga

10-minute chair yoga

Meditation videos

Calming meditation

Energizing meditation

Stress-relief meditation