Pre-registration is required for all roundtable sessions.
Capacity limited to 20 people to encourage discussion and participation.

Wednesday, October 20th

Intelligent Oil & Gas

13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

Managing data, advanced analytics & connection to the broader enterprise

An open discussion around the realities and challenges of good operational data management, advanced analytics, integrating your data with the broader enterprise and ensuring your entire organization makes the most from its investment in operational real-time technology.

Capturing the synergy value from the modern PI System and the AVEVA portfolio

A discussion with existing customers who use both the modern PI System and several of the portfolio of AVEVA solutions. We will discuss the synergy value being attained, best practices, and ideas for accelerations. Additionally, we will entertain questions about the integration roadmap highlights.

Food & Beverage and Life Sciences

13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

What does a Connected Value Chain mean to you?

The notion of a Connected Value Chain is a very popular and important notion. Traceability and Sustainability depend upon it yet many think of a value chain differently in terms of scope, challenges, and value. This discussion will explore how companies perceive a connected value chain, what their company’s role is and how their organizations are working to leverage them from an operations perspective.

Infrastructure, Water & Transportation

13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

How to make data more actionable/valuable in intelligent infrastructure

Open discussion around what major challenges prevent information from being actionable with best practices and proven ways clients address these challenges. Challenges will be generated and prioritized in real time from the group. Registered attendees will have access to poll results and notes.

Transmission & Distribution

11:50 - 12:35 PDT

Enhancing utility grid resilience

While utilities have significantly improved grid reliability overall, extreme weather events, including storm surges, floods, heat storms, droughts and wildfires continue to increase in intensity and frequency around the world.

In this fast-changing environment with the modernization of the grid; utilities, governments and other stakeholders are focusing their priorities and investments at building up grid resilience to limit and mitigate the risks to their customers.       

It can be costly to protect power grid assets and infrastructure from risks that threaten life, property, and economic activity. Working together, utility and government entities assess and respond to these growing threats, finding the most cost-effective routes to a more resilient grid. It has been identified that there are four main pillars in the effort to improve grid resilience. 

Come join our expert panel for a roundtable discussion on what these 4 pillars (Smartening, Hardening, Modernizing, Resilience on Demand) consist of and how technology will enable the utility to achieve grid resiliency to support the ever growing and challenging decarbonization movement.


11:50 - 12:35 PDT

Building an intelligent and resilient data ecosystem in marine operations

This open roundtable discussion will explore how marine operations are using data to increase productivity, enhance decision making and reduce wasted time, resources and emissions. Group lead topics will include digital handoff from shipyard to owner, collaboration with classification, supply chain optimization, overall operational envelopes and many others.


13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

The Chemical industry - building a sustainable future

Plants are becoming more complex and more tightly integrated. Our market is highly dynamic and demanding new sustainable products and process. The Chemical industry plays a critical role in building a sustainable future that can only be achieved through digital transformation. In this roundtable we will discuss the key steps to both achieving our sustainability goals and navigating the new circular economies.

Manufacturing and Process Industries

13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

How do manufacturing companies achieve industrial data governance?

Using and accessing data are key competitive differentiators when operating manufacturing plants. AVEVA and OSIsoft customers driving digital disruption and innovation must apply industry data governance to the growing sensor data in order to accelerate time to value. Join our customer roundtable to discuss strategies on how companies are addressing this.

How do Mining, Metals and Materials (MMM) companies improve performance using operational data? 

Leveraging operational data can provide a significant competitive advantage for MMM companies. Improving on key sustainability aspects, optimizing production efficiency, increasing reliability and reducing downtime are some of the key aspects AVEVA and OSIsoft customers are getting out of their digital transformation journey. And it all starts by using and leveraging their operational data. Join our customer roundtable to discuss strategies on how companies are using operational data to help them improve on all those key aspects and much more.

Power Generation

13:00 - 13:45 CET
11:50 - 12:35 PDT

Leveraging technology to enable business process transformation in this new world of sustainability within the Power sector

Sustainability is fundamentally about industry transformation. The past 20 years have focused largely on environmental issues such as degradation, resource limits, externalities, climate change, pesticides, toxins, and waste. Board members and C-suite executives have found it helpful to assess their company's current corporate sustainability position in many ways. It begins with a deep examination of the industry megatrends impacting every company and how they handled these last 14 months of a pandemic.
A crucial phase of business sustainability, called "market transformation," is based on a model of business transforming the market. Instead of waiting for a market shift to create incentives for sustainable practices, companies are creating those shifts to enable new forms of business sustainability. The market transformation will help companies create tomorrow's standards. Technology and enterprise integration center on present-day success measures. 
This roundtable will show how intelligent automation and integrating operational technologies into the overall business strategy can optimize processes.  In addition, the expert panel will discuss how technologies can drive business results and a deeper understanding of how the digital revolution will impact your approach to operational excellence in this new world of sustainability.