Vale: Pollution prevention & netzero carbon: Vale’s digital journey to achieve sustainable goals
10:20 AM - 10:50 AM
Process Industries (Chemicals, MMM, Pulp/Paper)

To comply with agreements signed with the community and regulatory agencies, Vale S.A. invests in accelerating the digital transformation of its environmental control center with the aim of increasing pollution prevention and the eco-efficiency of its operations. It also aims to reduce employee exposure to risk through real-time monitoring of environmental variables and carbon emissions sources. It was necessary to create and sustain an ecosystem so that there was better interaction and communication between the different areas of the corporation so that everyone could work collaboratively, reducing internal silos. AVEVA™ PI System™ played an important role in the centralization and democratization of operations data. This enabled the implementation of dashboards, reports and analytical models capable of preemptively detecting environmental impacts, accelerating the process of identifying the root cause of failure, reducing the response time to failure, and quantifying carbon emissions from three main sources.