Digital Plant of B Braun Medical Inc. for Discrete and Continuous Manufacturing

The presentation will describe the details of how B Braun Medical Inc is implementing a digital solution using a corporate data management strategy with a robust data infrastructure based on S88 using multiple systems including the PI system for our USA production sites. B Braun Medical Inc. investing in full scope Plant Information Management System using PI and AWS IoT to Improve plant performance & support production volumes. PI System supports increasing productivity and supporting data regulatory compliance. PI systems encompass all areas of the plant, and will eventually feed data to an enterprise PI, and/or IIoT hybrid solution to develop advanced data analytics (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) in applications of predictive quality and maintenance. PI System also helps to have compliant manufacturing lines and this will serve as the plant-wide data (GMP and quality Non-impacting) historian adding structure and context to asset data.