AVEVA takes industrial digitalization to the next level at ADIPEC 2023 through:

  • Unveiling of next-Generation Industrial Software: AVEVA will showcase its latest suite of industrial software, designed to empower organizations with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. These cutting-edge tools will enable companies to optimize their processes, increase operational efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity.


  • Providing interactive demonstrations and workshops: Visitors to the AVEVA booth at ADIPEC 2023 can engage in interactive demonstrations and workshops to experience firsthand how AVEVA's solutions can transform their operations. From digital twin simulations to real-time data analytics, participants will gain insights into the power of AVEVA's industrial digitalization offerings.


  • Collaborative ecosystem: AVEVA recognizes the importance of collaboration in driving digital transformation. During the event, AVEVA will highlight its partnerships with leading technology providers, system integrators, and industry experts. This collaborative ecosystem fosters innovation, enabling organizations to leverage the combined expertise and resources to accelerate their digitalization journey.


  • Industry-specific solutions: AVEVA understands that different industries have unique requirements. At ADIPEC 2023, AVEVA will showcase its industry-specific solutions tailored for the oil and gas sector. From upstream exploration to downstream refining and distribution, these specialized offerings address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by the oil and gas industry, empowering companies to achieve operational excellence.

Delegates attending ADIPEC will be able to interact with AVEVA’s Chief Executive Officer, Caspar Hezberg, and Senior vice-president of AVEVA in EMEA Region Evgeny Fedotov.