Full Name
Tiffany Gispanski
Job Title
W/WW Business Development Manager - West Region
Speaker Bio

Tiffany Gispanski is a Water & Wastewater Business Development Leader at Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation and sustainability solutions. She has held various roles in her tenure with Schneider, including Industrial Sales Executive in both Florida and California, and National Software Strategic Pursuits Leader for Water and Wastewater, where she led Schneider’s digital solution strategy. Tiffany has 15 years of experience providing comprehensive, strategic solutions to industrial, power, and water utility end users and their full ecosystem of value chain players. Prior to joining Schneider, she worked as an engineer for Siemens Energy, focusing on critical power infrastructure in the U.S., but often traveled internationally to collaborate and harmonize processes to capture efficiencies for the U.S. market. Tiffany holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and passionately advocates for water conservation and sustainability, reflecting her personal commitment to water and nature-related hobbies.

Tiffany Gispanski