Plenary: Why AVEVA OMI?, Designing User Interfaces, AVEVA Edge
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Main Room Sessions:

Why AVEVA Operations Management Interface? (60mins)

  • Find out what are the benefits of AVEVA Operations Management Interface (OMI) and how OMI can be used for SCADA and HMI projects to accelerate engineering time when comparing to traditional HMI technology. OMI bridges operations, engineering, and information technology to eliminate silos and consolidate data sources. It enables your people to visualize critical information in the context of the digital twin to make decisions in real time and manage business and operational risks effectively.

Designing User Interfaces (30mins)

  • Operations Control solutions support workers throughout their day, and to foster collaboration across both geographical and organizational boundaries. This session talks about User Experience Design for HMI/SCADA in general and especially in realizing the Operations Control value proposal by

    - Providing a consistent experience across activities, locations, and devices

    - Facilitating collaboration, by uniform experiences, filtered to role and task

    - Reducing the time to value and mitigating risk in projects

What's new in AVEVA Edge 2020R2 SP2 (30mins)

  • Get an update on what is new in the recent release of AVEVA Edge 2020 R2 SP 2 covering items such as product enhancements and localization improvements. The session will also reveal some of the upcoming new features of AVEVA Edge 2023.
Location Name
Main Room