AVEVA takes industrial digitalization to the next level at Hannover Messe:

  • demonstrating the value of well-managed industrial information to drive efficiency and sustainability,
  • unveiling industrial intelligence-as-a-service (IIaaS) to help industries thrive in the energy trilemma, 
  • bringing to life the connected industrial economy through AVEVA’s digital twin.

Delegates attending Hannover Messe will be able to interact with AVEVA’s Chief Executive Officer, Caspar Hezberg, and Chief Product Officer, Rob McGreevy, at their first event in Europe following the completion of AVEVA’s acquisition by Schneider Electric this year.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting customers, partners and innovators at Hannover Messe and presenting ideas for how industrial intelligence-as-a-service (IIaaS) can reshape our world in 2023. AVEVA’s secure agnostic and agile software will enable companies to benefit from the connected industrial economy*, offering a new cloud-enabled way of consuming and sharing industrial data both internally and externally with partners,” said Rob McGreevy.

Rob McGreevy

AVEVA's activities at Hannover Messe

Discover many opportunities to interact with AVEVA executives and discuss how AVEVA’s digital transformation solutions can drive responsible use of the world’s resources, including:

Monday April 17
1:00 pm CET – Media and analysts conference: Actions to address the energy crisis

Focusing on both sides of the energy equation – demand and supply - this session will highlight the opportunities created by digitalization, electrification, and automation. Together with AVEVA, Schneider Electric will set out its vision for the Industries of the Future, delving into the industrial metaverse and software-defined solutions. Caspar Herzberg, Chief Executive Officer, Rob McGreevy, Chief Product Officer, Evgeny Fedotov, Senior Vice President, EMEA, and Awraam Zapounidis, Vice President of Central & Eastern Europe will be available for 1-2-1 after the press conference. Please reach Nelly Souleymane to arrange a meeting.

Tuesday April 18 
10:00 am CET – Media and analysts breakfast: Innovation and technology

An opportunity to focus on the impact of automation on industry: from design and engineering efficiency, unrestricted and error-free operations thanks to automated data continuity leveraging AI, to reliable, safe, and cybersecure operations. The technologies to drive these changes already exist, and the talk will take attendees through EcoStruxure Automation Expert V23.0 and new AVEVA software.  Simon Bennett, AVEVA’s Global Head of Research, and Rob McGreevy, AVEVA’s CPO, Evgeny Fedotov, Senior Vice President, EMEA, and Awraam Zapounidis, Vice President of Central & Eastern Europe will be available for interview after the press breakfast.

Tuesday April 18 
11:45 am CET - Industrial Metaverse – Simon Bennett’s theatre session
“Make your digital twin the home of collaboration with the industrial metaverse”
(learn more)

Simon Bennett, AVEVA’s Global Head of Research will offer a foretaste of how industrial companies will work and collaborate in the near future.

April 19 and 20
11:45am CET - Enterprise visualization – Markus Herrmann’s theatre session
“Enterprise Intelligence for Business Agility & Sustainability”


Markus Herrmann, Presales Manager Central & Eastern Europe at AVEVA, will look at how Enterprise visualization can help organizations develop greater operational awareness and optimize efficiency through enables agile and responsive management of global operations. 

April 18, 19 and 20 
12.00am CET - Asset management – Clemens Schönlein’s theatre session
“How Asset Management Connects the Power of Data and AI with Human Insight”

Clemens Schönlein, Presales Consultant, Asset Performance at AVEVA, will discuss how data and AI empower human insight thanks to a 360-degree view of industrial assets from engineering through operations.

AVEVA’s spokespeople are available for interviews onsite at Hannover Messe 2023: 

Rob McGreevy
Chief Product Officer
Rob McGreevy
Simon Bennett
Head of Research & Innovation
Simon Bennett
Mr Markus Herrmann
Senior Presales Manager
Markus Herrmann
Evgeny Fedotov
Senior Vice President EMEA
Evgeny Fedotov
Herr Awraam Zapounidis
Vice President, DACH & Eastern Europe
Awraam Zapounidis