Panel discussion. Digital decarbonization: how collaborative action between business, tech leaders and governments is key to speeding up global progress on climate

Moderator: Caspar Herzberg, CEO AVEVA
THEME: Innovative tech, industries and governments must come together to drive connected change in our overheating world. As the climate crisis accelerates, it’s no surprise that industries and governments are looking at fast-track routes to net zero, working with digital leaders to deliver measurable decarbonization progress. 
With inputs from government leaders, industry and technology innovators, AVEVA’s Caspar Herzberg will lead a discussion on how leading companies are engaging with policy-makers and leveraging digital solutions to make progress across their operations and support their value chain partners on their mitigation journeys. In the context of the ongoing COP negotiations, the panel will ask what should be the next priorities for collaborative action to respond to the climate crisis, and how can tech leaders help pave the way? 

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