Full Name
Stanley Devries
Job Title
Industry Principal Oil & Gas
Speaker Bio

In his current position as Industry Principal, Oil & Gas at AVEVA, Stan DeVries is part of a team which advises on work enhancements and reference architectures for the company’s customers who implement remote operations, collaboration centers, value chain optimization, operations and maintenance management. Stan has been deeply involved in digital transformation activity since 1995, in the Intelligent Refinery since 1995, and he has consulted with a diverse range of national, independent and super-major oil and gas, power, chemicals and mining companies with a focus on changing teamwork for improved operations, HSE and business performance. Stan has also consulted to leading pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and power generation clients since 2003, with a similar focus as the digital oilfield. Stan has 48 years of experience designing, applying, marketing and selling automation and collaboration systems. His application experience encompasses remote operations centers, refinery and petrochemical information systems, oil movements, collaboration centers, and manufacturing information technology.

Stanley Devries