Kruger: AVEVA™ PI System™ points creation training and hiring challenges
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Process Industries (Chemicals, MMM, Pulp/Paper)

In this day and age, employee hiring and retention is a challenge. The training of a new employee is time-consuming but mandatory, especially for PI points creation. Lack of training leads to wrong tag names, poor data compression, duplication of AVEVA™ PI points, security issues, etc.

To improve the AVEVA™ PI points creation process and reduce training, we developed a tool with a reduced number of questions that validates, optimizes, and generates the AVEVA™ PI points for the users.

Key points:

  • Automatic AVEVA™ PI points creation
  • Reduced training
  • Naming convention enforcement
  • Optimization of OPC groups
  • Avoid duplicated points
  • Guided data compression