Alteragreen: Feasibility case study on the mitigation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from an Ammonia synthesis plant via green Methanol and Dimethyl Ether synthesis in Coffeyville, KS
2:10 PM - 2:40 PM
Process Industries (Chemicals, MMM, Pulp/Paper)

Green hydrogen represents an emerging field in chemical engineering that poses significant social and economic opportunities in the near future. When coupled with traditional petrochemical and chemical processes, green hydrogen has the potential to create a valuable reactant stream without carbon emissions traditionally associated with hydrogen production. In our feasibility study, green hydrogen was utilized to mitigate CO2 emissions from an ammonia process that utilized coke gasification. Using excess CO2 that was previously vented to the atmosphere, valuable products including methanol and DME, a diesel alternative, were synthesized. To model this facility, a variety of software were employed including AVEVA™ PRO/II, AVEVA™ DynSim, AVEVA™ E3D Design, XR Studios, and HTRI. This allowed for design and optimization in a steady state and dynamic capacity and the creation of an isometric model that could be visualized in virtual reality. A technoeconomic analysis was also conducted to assess the viability of the plant.