Owl Cyber Defense: Counter AI Threats & Securely Replicate PI System Data with Defensive Hardware
2:50 PM - 3:20 PM
Partner solution talks

In this modern connected world, critical infrastructure organizations face two pressing challenges: securely sharing critical data across isolated networks and countering the growing threat of AI-assisted cyberattacks. AI (Artificial Intelligence), with its ability to generate realistic content and imitate identities, presents a significant risk, particularly in the form of "deep fakes." AI-powered attacks can spoof credentials and breach security measures, potentially leading to unauthorized access to OT environments, including PLCs, SCADA systems, and historians. While completely isolating OT networks from the outside world provides the highest level of security, that architecture prevents the ability to share data between OT and other networks. The only solution for truly protecting OT networks and enabling connectivity is through hardware-enforced data diodes. During this session, Dennis will discuss: - Potential risks posed by AI-powered threats - How to protect OT networks and enable secure replication of PI System data - Critical infrastructure use cases and real-world examples