B&K Vibro: The Future of Machine Health Diagnosis Using PI System-Based Condition Monitoring
2:10 PM - 2:40 PM
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One of the benefits of the AVEVA™ PI System™ is the ability to combine various data sources into one database – a “Single Version of the Truth” for your entire operation. However, if data is missing, it can lead to uncertainty in decision-making, leading to unnecessary maintenance actions or even expensive unscheduled stoppages in production. As many plants are undergoing a digital transformation, collecting data, especially Condition Monitoring from vibration, creates a “360-degree” view of rotating machine health. By combining this data within the AVEVA™ PI System™ in context with other plant data sources such as SCADA and CMMS and process data, you can create a holistic view of machine health to identify potential issues faster, stopping only when you actually need to maintain, and eliminating costly, unnecessary production stoppages.