Aras and AVEVA: From Data to Knowledge - Empower your asset lifecycle with digital thread
3:50 PM - 4:20 PM
Partner solution talks

In 2022, Aras and AVEVA initiated a strategic partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive Industrial Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions to AVEVA’s customers. These ALM solutions will include new product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities for deliverables management, change and configuration management, requirements management, data history/versioning and traceability (digital thread), and whole asset visualization within AVEVA’s industrial software portfolio.  During this presentation, Aras will present the nature of the partnership, including the recently signed Reseller Agreement. We will discuss what is unique and valuable about the new Asset Lifecycle Management software ecosystem being developed. Additionally, we will provide insights into the software roadmap under joint development, and detail current engagements with joint customers. Furthermore, this session will shed light on the collaborative efforts by AVEVA and Aras, both collectively and individually, with ALM Lighthouse and joint customer McDermott, a prominent global EPC firm. To gain a deeper understanding of these developments, please visit us at Aras Booth #8 and the AVEVA EIM Booth. Here, we can engage in discussions around our joint offerings and demonstrate the value of the Aras PLM Platform, Innovator, in conjunction with AVEVA’s solutions.