PETRONAS: Harnessing value via the Enterprise Optimization Centre
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Oil, gas, and energy
The Enterprise Optimisation Centre (EOC) successfully developed a virtual, connected digital twin spanning the entirety of PETRONAS's domestic operations. This initiative addressed the challenge: How can we offer end-to-end visibility of pivotal enterprise data to facilitate value-driven decision-making?. By offering near real-time immersion at the enterprise level, the EOC promotes swift decision-making, heralding the rise of an “agile organization”. In 2022, the EOC Molecular was finalized, connecting the dots between operating units, from hydrocarbon supply to end-customer product sales. With the EOC Molecular in place, efforts shifted to enhancing enterprise visibility by integrating additional Commercial and Emissions data. This integration empowers the EOC to assign monetary and CO2e values to each molecule in near real-time as it traverses the integrated value chain. Such a feature equips stakeholders with the tools to make well-rounded decisions, viewing operations through the prisms of production excellence, commercial performance, and emission impact.