Enbridge: Intelligent Liquid Pipelines & Terminal Operations
8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Oil, gas, and energy
In 2018, Enbridge Liquid Pipelines (LP) started to update the AVEVA™ PI System™. By early 2020, LP had standardized their tag names, developed an AF hierarchy and a base set of templates. In 2020, we started to develop a set of customize AVEVA™ PI Vision™ graphics for both the terminals and pipelines, which were linked to the AF templates. The combination of custom graphics and templates allows the user to see the overall operating picture as well as quickly find detailed information for almost every operating scenario. Three (3) years on, LP has a custom graphic with linked templates for every pipeline and terminal in our system. The presentation with discuss: our AF base and custom hierarchy, the AVEVA™ PI Vision™ displays and graphic templates, and how this has affected our user numbers and the analytics we can conduct on our operating data.