SYSCOM: Truly Remote and Smart
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Infrastructure (water, facilities, transport, marine)

Many of us use SCADA to monitor and control plants, improve efficiency and productivity, take necessary actions, and most importantly make decisions to run the plant/application completely optimized. When it's a single station, it's not so complex but when 100's of sites are involved, like at Dubai Municipality, what matters is how one can take instant decisions and actions with least amount of navigation/monitoring. In this presentation we highlight, how we have uniquely customized the libraries and screens and utilized the OMI capability of the AVEVA software/applications and platforms, to allow our customer to control his stations and monitor at single click of a button. For us, SCADA does not just mean a monitoring and control software, but a full-fledged solution including other important elements like Cybersecurity, Redundancy in communication, instant interactive live reporting, telemetry and ideal response time. Watch our presentation if you are looking for more than just a SCADA!