Shell: MPDS use at Shell Polymers Monaca
10:20 AM - 10:50 AM
Advanced application user
MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) is not new for Shell Polymers Monaca. We’ve used it in various stages in life cycle, including process design and control system development, process control system check-out, and startup procedures development. Hear how Shell Polymers Monaca uses MPDS for run and maintain activities, debottlenecking, and project development—with an example from the Utilities pillar. The author will discuss the integration work between two pillars (Ethane Cracker Unit) ECU and Utilities and Ground Flare (UGF), control system update, model tuning work and the comparison of model results with respect to historical data. Once validated, the model has been used for various what-if studies and control changes identified to improve plant performance. Hear about the implementation process for control changes, software gaps identified, connectivity with AVEVA™ PI System™ and other digital assets, and ease-of-use and support for multiple users at a time. To sustain MPDS usage and keep it evergreen, we have evaluated the MPDS from various perspectives, including people and skills, process and systems, mindset and behaviors, and structure and accountability. We’ll explore additional challenges and opportunities for MPDS once the asset transitions to run and maintain. Join us as we begin the conversation around new the governance strategies required to get continuous value out of MPDS.