TotalEnergies: Leveraging real time operational data to reduce greenhouse gas emission
3:50 PM - 4:20 PM
Oil, gas, and energy
The Paris Agreement was established to combat climate change and decrease greenhouse gas (GHG). Therefore, Oil and Gas companies face the challenge of providing energy, while improving their operational efficiencies and reducing their emissions. This paper presents a successful solution that fulfills these needs focusing on GHG & Energy efficiency Realtime Monitoring. The digital solution developed by our team is built on pre-existing data and tools, utilizing PI AF to perform GHG emissions and Energy Efficiency real-time calculations. It utilizes various inputs such as fluid composition, process design data and operating parameters to provide a comprehensive overview of emissions and performance from individual equipment to overall sources. The solution is highly standardized, with a model built once and then applied to hundreds of equipment/assets. Once the model is constructed it will run continuously, providing not only real-time data but Key Performance Indicators to identify reduction.