Schneider Electric: A link between load behavior and overall electrical network stability
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Advanced application user
Electrical and instrument teams often work in silos in process facilities. Hence, a cohesive cause/effect relationship for process load requirements with electrical network stability is missing in the asset life cycle, causing energy losses and unprecedented downtimes during the operations phase, resulting in lost revenue. On the availability of the process loads (mass & energy balances, inertia, elevations, volumes, torque etc.), these quantities need to be quickly validated against the electrical model as a function of time. See an integrated power and process simulation solution demo based on AVEVA Dynamic Simulation and ETAP that enables operations and E&I teams to simulate the process load(s) and validate the effect on the electrical network stability in the operate phase. Learn how this unified simulation can decrease unplanned electrical downtime, affect electrical energy consumption, and alert/recommend the operators to assess consequential electrical issue(s) for the causal process change(s).