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Engineering Consultants Group


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Since 1992, Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) has helped our customers to make a positive impact on industrial operations. ECG’s Predict-It Solution provides an advanced asset health monitoring and diagnostic solution for AVEVA PI System users through 4 modules:

     •  Advanced Pattern Recognition Module - Provides advanced health monitoring for industrial assets operating under normal, steady-state conditions.
     •  Pathway Module - Provides asset transient operations health monitoring for events such as start-ups and shutdowns, as well as manufacturing batch processes.  
     •  Diagnostic Reasoner Module - Using alarms from both the APR and Pathway Modules, the Diagnostic Reasoner capitalizes on a Bayesian network engine to provide advanced, probabilistic ranking of potential faults currently taking place on an asset.  
     •  Case Management Module - Beyond alarms and diagnostics, the Module aids in the planning and management of discovered equipment health issues from inception through equipment repairs.  


Predict-It is battle-tested by leading industrial companies around the world, cost effective to deploy, and leverages your AVEVA PI System infrastructure. Please stop by booth #56 to learn more.