Job Title
PLM Engineering & Maintenance
Speaker Bio
Bart-Jan Ruules is the Product Line Manager for Engineering and Maintenance providing deployment, roadmap and functional improvement services for the Engineering data Warehouses and document management and document control systems for all operating assets in Shell.

Being a Mechanical Engineer by education his 32 year career can be split in 4 different phases. 8 years of Quality Assurance and Quality Control management positions in various companies; 8 years of Fabrication and Maintenance execution as a shop manager and project manager; 8 years of project controls and project management support in capital projects and Maintenance / Turnaround execution; 8 years of Information management and Control capital projects and operating assets. He has always had a keen interest in Information Technology and how information flows define lead and lead to quality in decision taking as an early adopter he graduated in AI process control and machine monitoring. The last 3 years Bart-Jan has been working on the transformation of foundational information and structure to feed and support the uniform and timely data delivery to the Digital Twins in Shell.
Bart-Jan Ruules