Promon Engenharia: Performing Engineering Project, Integration and Replication using AVEVA UE
Engineering & Execution

This case aims to show our experience using AVEVA IE&D/AVEVA UE in the renewable energy sector (Ethanol Plant), offering a great possibility of being used as a Digital Twin in O&M, beyond as replicating the same project for new similar plants, which would help us to obtain greater efficiency and productivity since we have reached a high level of digitalization.
With DataCentric we are attempting to optimize Engineering processes, integrating/sharing data between different disciplines, 3D models with a high level of detail allowing deliverables extraction in an automated, traceable, agile and reliable way. In summary, since the processes simulation/dimensioning, mass balance analysis and supporting task to assembly/construction.
Now we can consider the project replication and their information for new projects, whose layout, capacity and purposes are similar, something we believe that will bring us significant gains when we talk about productivity, quality, efficiency and time.