The Doe Run Company: Enhancing Operational Insight with AVEVA PI System and FactoryTalk Historian
Mining & Metals

The Doe Run Company, (Doe Run) along with Gray Solutions, LLC, has created a PI Asset Framework (AF) standard across its existing instances of FactoryTalk® Historian deployed at Doe Run’s mining, milling and recycling facilities. In association with these deployments, an Enterprise level AVEVA PI Historian is deployed to access area wide environmental and wastewater data across southern Missouri. Utilizing the process and integration knowledge of both Doe Run and Gray Solutions, these PI System installations (both embedded and standalone) were able to:

  • leverage the AVEVA PI AF core technology found in these deployments to provide machine-level context to the data, 
  • allow for process analysis of the mining, milling and recycling data, and 
  • maximize engineering reuse of the element templates across the deployed historians and Asset Framework structures. 

By standardizing to a historian capable of being deployed within a Plant and Enterprise architecture, Doe Run was able to leverage the asset hierarchy structure found in AF to create graphics standards and reporting functionality in PI Vision and the Excel add-in, PI DataLink, which allows plant and corporate access to the data without having to understand ISA tag naming practices.

The implementation of the PI System’s data analysis functionality and PI Notifications by Gray Solutions and Doe Run personnel allowed for a stable background functionality in notifying company environmental personnel of real-time performance. The use of the AVEVA PI System Access (PSA) licensing has allowed Gray Solutions to create integrations for AF templated web-based manual data integrations and integration to Doe Run legacy environmental data systems. The next steps in our data acquisition and reporting journey are the integration of process data along with vehicle data to create a more holistic view of our mine to mill operations.