Vistra Corp - Kosse Mine Digital Transformation Journey
Marine, Transportation, and Infrastructure

Vistra's Kosse Mine site partnered with Casne in late 2021 to kickstart their digital transformation journey. Over the years many investments had been made to implement independent Dragline and mobile fleet monitoring systems. Now they lacked proper overall metrics with data from across the various systems and a unified, single version of the truth to aid in better decision-making mid-shift. The site's goals were to integrate all data to a centralized historian, develop analytics and visualizations around several use cases, and enable their dispatch office to optimize production operations and respond quickly to issues. By implementing PI Vision and AF, Casne helped the site to integrate all of their data sources into the PI System and develop visualizations, analytics, and reports for the site to monitor all of their critical equipment in real time from their dispatch office. Twice daily automated reports were also developed to report on production KPI's and other critical metrics.