Northern Star Resources Limited: Digitisation of Logsheets
Mining & Metals

Northern Star Resources Limited is an ASX-listed gold producer which operates in three main centres – Kalgoorlie (Western Australia), Yandal (Western Australia) and Pogo (Alaska). Pogo has started its digital maturity journey and was looking to digitise their excel based logsheets. Previously, custom VBA scripts were written to shape data and send it to PI Tags. Maintaining and updating these scripts along with versioning control of excel based worksheets in a roster-based Metallurgical team was challenging. Northern Star has used MPA 2.0 (a MIPAC product built on AVEVA’s AFSDK) as a front end for data entry to logsheets. As the data was directly written to the required PI Tags using a web-based interface, the production metallurgists didn’t have to do that daily, improving their productivity manually. Additionally, DCS data was shown alongside with manual measurements allowing operators to identify process excursions and take action more quickly.