Worley: AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management in a Digital Supply Chain
Engineering & Execution

Denise Cosman will present Worley’s industry leading implementation of ERM to address the business challenge for consistent and comprehensive information to support Supply Chain Management decisions in spend analytics and supply chain performance metrics with a single source of truth system focusing on:

  • Implementation /Decommission strategies and ERM Usage footprint since go-live
  • Change Management strategy with senior leadership endorsement and support
  • ERM Implementation Success stories at Worley
  • The typical project cost breakdown in the industry is 10% Engineering and Design, where the bulk of effort towards digitalisation has occurred.

Procurement and Construction represent an 80% total and offers the most space to stop ‘leaving money on the table’. Denise will speak to what Worley is doing in this space with ERM to digitalise Worley’s Supply Chain.