Norsk Hydro Alunorte: DMS - Daily Management System of Press Filter Area in Hydro Alunorte Alumina Refinery
Process Industries

Before the improvement: all the report were Excel based, and were sent automatically to stakeholders of press filter area (managers, supervisors...) from a desktop PC used as a server. Challenges: turn-off the PC for somabody mistaken, or removal of the internet cable for other people use, power/energy shut down, problems of memory due to processing other reports of other areas (frozen and excel crashing). Results: within a significant frequency, operational and maintenance teams had difficult to get the info about the routine KPI's, and sometimes didn't have the complete information to use during the routine meetings and even to decision making situations. Considering these situations as an opportunity to improve the DMS reports, the process engineering and automation engineering evaluated the best options at hand, and with the press filter managers support, a task force were made to create the reports display on PI Vision and the calculations using AF arquitecture.