Albemarle: Data is the new Gold - Using the AVEVA PI System to accelerate growth in AI - Albemarle Intelligence

Have you heard the saying “data is the new oil”, and previously “oil is the new gold”? At Albemarle, we have found that to be true. To capture the value from our data, using economies of scale, we created a global digital transformation initiative called – Project AI, recently awarded the 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Award for AI and Machine Learning. This global transformation anchors its foundation on the AVEVA PI System as not only a data infrastructure, but also an analytics engine, alongside our existing partners, Northwest Analytics & Sartorius SIMCA, fueling massive growth and productivity in our manufacturing plants. As the “AI” suggests, plenty of artificial intelligence is involved. But to us, AI means Albemarle Intelligence. Though catchy, the moniker has a deeper purpose: reminding us that all of the ingredients for digital transformation already exist. By enabling and empowering our people with the right technology, we can truly unlock the value of information.