SBM Offshore: Digitalize SBM Offshore Engineering
Engineering & Execution

SBM Offshore has been through a journey of 4 years now to digitalize its engineering data using the AVEVA Solutions (AVEVA Engineering, Diagrams and e3D) to form an all-integrated 1D/2D/3D solution internally named as the “Engineering Collaborative Environment”. This journey is not complete, by far, but we have now really entered in the digital era, as the foundations are there that we can rely on and we can now focus on unleashing the potential this brings us to improve our engineering quality and efficiency, connect and feed the overall EPC as well as Operations needs. This paper is aimed to demonstrate that even though the start is tough, can be frustrating and not bringing immediate benefits, it is worth doing and taking the time of doing the first steps right and in the correct sequence, to trigger tremendous and long-term benefits. SBM Offshore will share its journey driven by one Vision: to go from a document centric to a data centric project execution.