South Platte Renew's Advanced Predictive Model vs. Finely Tuned ABAC
Water & Wastewater

At South Platte Renew, the AVEVA software was piloted in SCT #6, 1 (one) of the four (4) SCTs that are online at a time. In the first 14 hours of implementation, the AVEVA software was able to maintain and stabilize ammonia effluent load. The software is also able to enforce high and low DO concentrations which protects energy usage to the blowers. The ammonia load variability (standard deviation) was reduced to under 25% of the variability of traditional ABAC-based control, as predicted during the offline simulation checkout. The study and comparison between advanced predictive modeling and ABAC will allow SPR to increase plant resiliency in terms of nutrient loading while also reducing energy consumption, helping SPR meet future sustainability goals.