CFB Simulation Success Story at NRG Energy
Power and Electric Utilities

Our presentation will be on the development and updating of our simulator and how we use it for training Operators, E and I Technicians and testing equipment. The Seward plant uses CFB technology to burn low-grade refuse from coalmines, abundant in western Pennsylvania, as fuel. As a result, the plant is key on the remediation of a large number of coal refuse piles that contribute to the degradation of the watershed, while providing 512 MW of electricity and meeting strict environmental requirements. Seward has two Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers and one Turbine/Generator. When we first started this project we where told by some CFB experts that there is no way we will be able to simulate a CFB boiler and we did with the help of the great team at Invensys at the time which is now part of AVEVA. We have been periodically updating the simulator and continually using the simulator as a effective tool for training and testing.