Waterfall: Your Gateway to Heaven: Intrinsically Safe IT/OT Integration and AVEVA Data Hub Connectivity
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Enterprise-wide and even Internet-wide access to AVEVA PI System data drives automation, efficiencies, and agility, but enterprise and cloud connectivity come with substantial cyber risks to industrial operations. The threat is real: today's ransomware groups target everyone with money, and they use tools and techniques that a few years ago were used only by nation-states. In this presentation we look at Unidirectional Security Gateways as hardware-enforced, deterministic security. To protect safe, continuous and efficient operations, we need to defeat all cyber attacks, all of the time, not just some attacks, most of the time. We need to do this while safely sharing our operations & OT data to Enterprise PI Servers and the AVEVA Data Hub, in real time, with zero risk to physical operations. Join us to see how Unidirectional Gateways enable agility and profits with seamless access to OT data, while outright eliminating cyber-sabotage risks from IT & cloud connections.