Owl Cyber Defense: Securely Replicate PI System Data Across Segmented Networks
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Many critical infrastructure organizations have a PI system within their OT network. The data living in the PI system needs to be viewed and used by many people, in which not all those users reside and or have/require access to the PI system of record in the OT network. By replicating PI system data to other corporate networks, users outside of the OT network are able access that data remotely. However, to prevent unwanted threats from entering secure OT networks, many organizations have completely isolated their OT network from external connections, introducing a challenge when it comes to sharing data between two networks at differing security levels. Through hardware-enforced technology, critical infrastructure organizations in power generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, nuclear, and pharmaceutical sectors can securely transfer PI system data one-way out of OT networks to an IT network, the cloud, or any other external network for remote monitoring.