The Mosaic Company: Creating a corporate operating model for deploying and sustaining a contemporary historian platform from a mosaic of companies
Process Industries

Many of today’s large industrial companies are the result of the merger or acquisition of other legacy industrial companies, combining to create a mosaic of operations, with varying operations technologies. The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS), is the world’s leading integrated producer of concentrated phosphate and potash, key nutrients in agriculture, being the result of mergers and acquisitions. A benefit of larger companies can be the pooling of resources to create a common operations technology platform then applying value-added processes such as production optimizations, leveraging templates that calculate key inputs to AI models, and a common integration approach linking planning, LIMS, and mineralogical data. At this scale of deployment, the technology/software is not the core challenge, rather it is a corporate operating model that needs to be justified then implemented. The presentation will cover Mosaic’s journey creating such a model.