Networks of innovation - how Accenture and AVEVA together are helping to shape the industries of the future
Day 1: Morning Keynotes

Sparking sustainable success: digital transformation requires innovative thinking, innovative technology, innovative partnerships, and innovative people

Sheri Williams, Industry X leader at Accenture, will explore how driving innovation in times of rapid change means thinking differently. Gone are the days of solving problems in silos. Technology now gives us the opportunity to look across these silos, but technology alone is not the answer. Working collaboratively across customers, software/hardware partners, and SI’s to bring the best of our thinking together results in the greatest value realization. Digital twins are only as useful as the data we provide them, the insights we ask them to produce, and the closed loop control that allows us to run the entire supply chain more effectively. With the pressures around compressed transformation, we need to be smart in how we accelerate process innovation, bridge the gap between demand planning and manufacturing execution, bring process automation and robotics to the solution, leverage simulation capabilities, and do it all with an increasing scarcity of manufacturing experts to support the transition. Diversity of talent helps drive innovative thinking, which is why AVEVA and Accenture both place high priority on what we can do individually, and what we can do together, to bring new talent and new ideas to solve these challenges. Join Sheri and some of our best young talent, as these concepts are brought to life.