Stratus Technologies: How does Micro Data Centers help enhance your Automation and Control systems?
Lightning Talks

This session explains the value of deploying the EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers with Stratus ftServer in an industrial setting like a plant floor or production facility. Fairly known in the IT World - a micro data center (MDC) is a smaller or containerized (modular) data center that is designed for computer workloads not requiring traditional facilities. Using the Micro Data Center with an integrated Stratus ftServer, Schneider Electric UPS and networking equipment, and AVEVA Software - organizations can take advantage of local data center power and storage with fault tolerance and environmental protection to reliably collect, process, and store data from critical equipment and processes at the operational edge. What are the immediate benefits that solution builders and System Integrators get out of the Micro Data Center?

  • 40% less field engineering time
  • 20% faster time-to-market
  • 7% less maintenance costs Attend our session and find out more.