The International Group: Lityx, use AVEVA™ Data Hub (ADH) to implement AI-based analytics, improving yields and generating millions in additional profit at a 20x ROI

Through the use of the AVEVA Data Hub (ADH) and Community data sharing with AI SaaS vendor Lityx, The International Group, Inc. (IGI Wax) has been able to greatly increase processing yields all without having to install any new equipment or hire any new people. This is their journey from PI to BI to AI as shared by the CIO of IGIWax, Bill Sandblom. “Anyone can do it, but for some reason not many are.” Learn how IGI Wax overcame challenges in bringing together the necessary operational and lab data that led first to valuable insights from PowerBI and then to marrying what they had with a top-notch AI platform and team of data scientists. They were able to overcome challenges with the data, as well as taking the organization, including senior management, engineers and operators, down an unfamiliar and to some uncomfortable data-driven path. Carefully and deliberately Bill and his team have taken many small steps that have turned into enormous wins for the company.